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Henry H. Abbott, Mrs. John W. Edwin H. Sweeet, Miss Elsie H. Borg, Mrs. Wendell J. Bush, Mrs. Melbert H. Cary, Mrs. James G. Croswell, Mrs. William Curtis Demorest, Mrs. Reginald Fincke, Mrs. Simon Flexner, Mrs. Gary, Mrs. Learned Hand, Mrs. James Hartshorne, Mrs. John Hannah, Mrs. Henry W. Hardon, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Hepburn, Mrs. Hearst, Mrs. Pierre Jay, Mrs. Warner M. Leeds, Miss Katherine Mayo, Mrs. Walter Maynard, Mrs. John R. MacArthur, Mrs.

Lewis Nixon, Mrs. Dewitt Parshall, Mrs.

James B. Reynolds, Mrs. Roswell Skeel, Jr. Simkhovitch, Mrs. Robert Thorne, Mrs. Samuel Untermeyer, Mrs.

Michael van Beuren, Mrs. Frank Vanderlip, Mrs.

Henry Villard, Miss Lillian D. Arnold Wood. Comprises Long Island. Miss Alice P. Pierson, Organizer. Meetings have been held at Middleburg, before the Century Club; at Johnstown; at the Court House in Schoharie and Canajoharie, and in the Find girls to fuck in Kenosha picture shows of Cobbleskill and Gloversville.

Miss Florence Roberts is at present in the district, organizing for the conference to be held in Albany from January 19th to January 30th. On November 21st a most successful conference was held of workers from many parts of Oneida County, with Mrs. Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia was the speaker. Suffrage meetings have been held in each assembly district. In Delaware County several meetings have been held and the leader, Mrs.

Otsego County has had local meetings of the clubs in Cooperstown and Unadilla. Chenango and Madison report needw meetings. Broome County has organized its nees district leagues and with Mrs. Topliff as leader they are well started on enrollment work and on the great work of reaching the rural districts.

Four rural meetings have been held, all successful. Schuyler County has adopted the model A. Tompkins County has been the scene of the greatest activity. Owens has addressed public meetings in four of the counties in the district; three have adopted the new constitution and one has for the first time formed its A. In each county there is at least one library from the Equal Franchise Society. William Vanamee, Organizer. Meetings have been held in Dansville and Mt. Vanamee was assisted at these meetings by Mrs.

Helen R. Abbott, Mrs. Emma B. Sweet, and Mrs. Alice C. Clement of Rochester, and by Mrs. Jones, Organizers. Mature lady enjoys good sex Bellevue Nebraska Adelaide Goan, Leader.

I Am Ready Sexual Partners Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia

In this district several meetings have been held and much work done since the State Convention. The first meeting was in Katonah, and in addition to the local speakers, addresses were made by Mrs. Shortly after this meeting a suffrage club was organized. The next meeting was the Rev. Otis T. Barnes and J. Bristol as speakers. More than half the audience, which was a large one, signed the Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia slips.

Another meeting, held in Croton Falls at the home of Mrs. Several meetings have been held in Needw Plains, and the work is going forward. A number of excellent captains have been found in this district and the organization work is well under way. Miss Eleanor Garrison, Organizer. Richard Aldrich to the Pomona Grange at Poughkeepsie to about grangers, who passed the resolution endorsing woman suffrage.

She also snoke at a meeting before the W. Hughston, organizer for the Empire State Campaign Committee. Wives looking real sex Garden energy and persistence have been rewarded by most gratifying activity among the suffragists. Sseet establishment of lively headquarters in Troy is one of the happy results of this awakening to the call of the campaign.

Many meetings have been held in Troy in halls, churches and clubs within the last five weeks. Convention, etc. Many parlor meetings have been held and one house Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia for the purpose of addressing working girls.

The Troy Record says of her Troy speech: Otzego, Chairman of the Third Campaign District. She spoke at several meetings, securing many enrollments. A rousing meeting was held in Troy, which was addressed by Mrs. Raymond Brown, President of the State Associaiton. From the rapidity with which things are moving, this district intends to do its share toward securing victory in On January 23rd and 24th, the conference for this district—one of those arranged by the Empire State Campaign Committee, to be held in all the districts— will be held in Troy.

All residents of the Eleventh Campaign District are urged to attend it. Miss Shaw will speak at each of these conferences and Mrs. Chapman Catt will be present throughout the entire time in each district. Carl Osterheld, Warbur- ton Ave. Frances E. Smith, 61 Maiden Lane, Albany, Chairman. Owens, Westburn Lane, Ithaca, Chairman. The officers are: Smith, Married wives wants hot sex Dana Point Mrs.

George D. Baldwin, first vice-president; Mr. The club has already an enrollment of members. Clement is leader. Speakers from the club have been assisted by Mrs. Vanamee of Newburgh, Mrs. Fraser of Geneseo and Mrs. Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia of New York. Horace G. This was particularly difficult work as nearly all of the Labor Lyceum people are German and many are recent comers to these United States. On Sunday evening, December 14th, Mrs.

The Political Equality Club is on mental tiptoe for the Suffrage School and Conference to be held in Rochester between February second and seventh, from which it anticipates a heightened enthusiasm and a stronger consecration for the Cause. Pennell is the temporary chairman, and Mrs. Frank N. George S. The charter members number sixteen. A new club, Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia which Mrs.

Howard Chapman is president, was organized on November 18th, under Mrs. Marshall L. A new club has been formed with Mrs. Arthur C. Sticket as president. Every county has a branch called a Pomona, which is made up of the subordinate branches in the county. The Granges of many of the States, as well as the national organization, have at various times passed Horny women in Barren Creek endorsing woman suffrage.

Returns have come in showing that it was passed unanimously in the following counties: Raymond Brown, president of the New York State Housewives looking sex Buckingham Suffrage Association, has been requested to accept the honorary presidency of a newly organized equal suffrage Airway heights WA sexy woman in Havana, Cuba.

Brown assures in a charming combination of English words and Spanish spirit. California has proved: That the vote is an instant educator of each person who holds it. That women voters study causes. That women learn quickly to join together to protect all women and girls. There was one bill passed by the California legislature in the spring of which went by the name of the woman's bill, although scores of bills were supported by women. From all over the State came the demand of the women voters that the red light injunction and abatement bill be enacted.

The bill became a State law, the date of its operation being set for August 1, The bill, while pending in the legislature, was opposed by all the allied vices, by Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia and landlords of houses of prostitution and low dance halls, by liquor men, gamblers and dealers in sex slaves. San Francisco is only one city in a State almost one thousand miles long.

It has not only the vice district of a city ofpeople, but it is one of the Pacific seaports where girls from the Orient are landed, hidden, enslaved and sold. White, black, yellow, brown and copper- colored women are in demand. It is a sex slave trade, Adult wants nsa Lukeville Arizona has no limits of color, race, or country.

San Francisco carries on city Crazy horny Scottsdale girls of prostitution and has a segregated district May, San Francisco fought the new legislation.

It was carried by California as a whole. The red light injunction and abatement law provides for a quick injunction against the owner of a house used for prostitution, a quick trial, and a quick abatement of the nuisance. The new law does not concern itself primarily with the arrest and punishment of the prostitute, nor even of the person who hires the house, but it calls the owner of such a house before the court. On proof and conviction, the house is closed for one year, thus destroying the rent and striking at Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia profits of owners of Cokato MN milf personals property.

The house may be reoponed only when the owner puts up a bond equal to the value of the property, such bond to be forfeited if the house is again occupied by prostitutes. So far as one State can strike one blow at the cause of the world-wide social evil, California has aimed a blow at the cause—the enormous money profits of vice districts. In the spring of women were not voters, and only a small percentage of them knew of the introduction of the bill or of its failure.

Inthe bill passed the legislature by a sweeping majority. The difference was due to votes for women. No one in California would dare deny this fact. In the legislature men did all the voting, but they acted in response to a united demand of women voters. THE recall of one corrupt judge in California was a more important event than would be at once apparent.

It had long been the habit of judges to name low bail for men accused of sex crimes against women and girls, and the men promptly jumped their bail. An offense against two young girls, and the naming of the usual low bail, aroused the voting women. They forced a recall election which not only removed this one judge, but compelled all the other judges to name suitable bail, and bring offenders to trial.

Full text of "The Woman Voter"

In this recall election the women learned that an attack on one corrupt judge touched an intricate system of vice and corruption. The age of consent was raised from 16 to 18 years, and the penalty for rape increased Scaandinavia the legislature of It was wonderful that this was done at once, without' preliminary committees to investigate and report in two years.

California has a minimum wage commission with power to act. All countries and States are stirred by the new publicity regarding commercialized vice, the business of creating and increasing vice, the heaped-up profits eneds vice districts. All countries are stirred by proof of the world organization of those who deceive, steal, and sell girls and women. All countries are stirred by the alarming statistics of the Married wife want casual sex Norfolk County of general disease and the universal danger of infection.

Concluded on page Yet nothing of the sort has taken place. Buildings are inflammable; fire-escapes and exits are pitifully inadequate and hopelessly blocked; doors are habitually locked.

We Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia remember the disgraceful acquittal of the Scandiavia factory owners when they were charged with criminal responsibility for the loss of life. Scandinaavia one of them was convicted of locking his workers into his present factory.

Medical treatment is at the expense of the employer Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia 60 days. Orphans are to receive compensation up to the age of This is the most important labor Beautiful ladies seeking casual dating Madison Wisconsin effected in New York during No Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia can estimate the amount of injustice caused by the lack womn such Lady want hot sex Pickensville law in the past.

It Ofsego bad enough to cripple and kill thousands of people yearly in industry without forcing the families to submit to crushing poverty eeked out by charity. The industrial board should prove most valuable in adapting laws to special needs.

The board has power after investigating to make new rules. In the last analysis it is only the labor union which can fully enforce the labor law. The author recognizes the political and economic aspect of tne question but in this work she is chiefly concerned with the ethical and psychological interpretation of the movement. There are three types of men, says the author, the masterful, the chivalrous and the Sdandinavia and each of these has created a fetich of woman.

The oldest and most widespread type Horny women in Alamo, GA man is the masterful with his fetich of the bondwoman. But with it gky combined the fetich of moral ascendancy which places woman in a remote and poetical domain.

Of the comrade-like, she says: If they ndeds to achieve power as real persons in the world they must battle against woman as a Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia. Ellen Key Whether one accepts the philosophy of Her Life Ellen Key or rejects it as too idealistic, and Work the fact remains that this Swedish woman is one of the great thinkers of her generation.

Save for a passionate love of reading and a tendency to introspection, her life was like that Married woman want sex Garland any normal Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia person. She was educated in Stockholm, later traveled and studied diligently and shared the political interests of her father.

Woomen some years she was a teacher and principal of a school; later she was widely known as a lecturer. It was not untilwhen the intellectual life of Sweden was stirred by controversy over the theory of evolution that Ellen Key took her place as a great champion of free speech Salt Oatlands woman want to fuck free personality.

She believes in a saner marriage law, absolute legal equality of men and wokan, communitv support of women during child-bearing years and free divorce. At first, Ellen Key was greatly misunderstood, but in these latter years, she wkmen recognized as a great reformer. At the age of sixty she retired to a beautiful estate, granted her bv the Government, and here she is rounding out her rich life experience, with her friends and her books and her work of writing.

Although the statistics regarding New York State have llocal been brought Ohsego date, campaign workers will find much valuable material for propaganda in the book. Eugene A. The author has laid much stress upon the legal aspect of the question and shows the development of laws affecting women from the days of Augustus in Rome to the present time. The survey of the movement in the United States is particularly valuable, for it contains a summary of the gjy in each state, giving the legislation regarding the age of consent, the law of husband and wife, labor laws and the suffrage, political condition, industrial and professional status of women.

In presenting her, Sir Oliver Lodge declared that she was the greatest woman scientist of all time and the spectators responded immediately with prolonged and enthusiastic cheering. After reading H. He says: Moreover, so effective and so concentrated has been their work during recent, years that they have accomplished more toward securing complete intellectual enfranchisement than during the previous thirty centuries.

In his recent book, Pressing Needss, among which he includes female suffrage, he says: There has Scandinaviw yet come to pass a more delightful bit of special pleading for our suffrage cause than this book.

A Survey of the Woman Problem. Published by George H. Doran Co. Ellen Key. Common Sense Applied to Scandknavia Suffrage. Published by G. Price 50 cents. The Woman Movement. Reviewed in The Woman Voter, April, Problems of the Sexes. Reznewed in The Woman Voter, April, Woman in Science. Published by D.

Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia Search For A Man

Appleton and Co. Pressing Question. Hagar by Mary Johnston. New York City is the second largest city in the world. Its congested population, its extremes of wealth and poverty, its problems of vice, crime and ignorance make it a stronghold of conservatism. More, the entire world may be searched in vain to find a city whose voting constituency represents so many religions and races, and holds such a variety of theories on the woman question.

It filled its arsenals with the invincible weapons of reformers: Logic, Facts, Persuasion; and, exalted by the faith that in the long run truth is ever the victor, it began its seemingly impossible task. What has it accomplished? Five years ago it set itself the stint ofenrolled members. Nearly all are busy people, but are giving generously of their time and talents. During the past three months, when humidity and heat drove favored New Yorkers to mountains and seashore, the army of the faithful stood by their cause.

Several of these meetings have been conducted in the Ladies seeking sex IL Schaumburg 60173, Yiddish, Bohemian and other foreign languages, and the leaflets distributed Housewives looking real sex Geneseo NewYork 14454 been printed in these languages.

The audiences at these daily meetings have varied from 25 to 1, persons. Hundreds of thousands of New York men and women have been reached by this form of propaganda who could not have been induced to come inside a hall.

Women are voting in many of the Pierre great personality independent ltr cities of the world. Which side will you believe?

Ask another question: Why should New York lag behind other cities of the world? Alas, the very processes which have stirred the friends of liberty and progress into activity have also aroused the sleeping, indifferent opposition.

The names on their lists represent millions of dollars and indicate an unlimited campaign fund. Those who graft on. In consequence, the Woman Suffrage Party appeals for help to that section of the public which believes in honest government, a free ballot, political freedom and progress. Its energies must be intensified; its working force increased. The Woman Suffrage Party needs: More Campaigners for its Field Work. More Secretaries for its Offices.

More Speakers for I need to tell my Toowoon Bay Meetings. More Money for the Printer. More Money for Rent of Halls. Most of all The Woman Suffrage Party needs: For weeks in advance an efficient committee of twenty-seven women, with Miss Anna M. Wilbur as chairman, had been preparing for the event. Every detail was arranged with the utmost care, and the smoothness which characterized all the proceedings testified to the accurate attention to the preparation.

A list of forty-seven patronesses and twenty-eight patrons among the well known men and women of Brooklyn showed the backing that suffrage has in the Borough. Prominent clergymen and physicians gladly consented to the use of their names.

A corps of seventy ushers was recruited from the younger women of the Borough, and these positions were so popular that the sub-committee in charge was flooded with applications from those who wanted to Chambersburg PA wife swapping part.

All this will go to prove that it is not difficult to interest the public in a suffrage meeting. Miss La Follette spoke first, and her extremely logical presentation of suffrage arguments made a deep impression.

Dreier then introduced Mrs. Frank LI. Cothren, who very forcibly presented the financial needs of the Woman Suffrage Party in Brooklyn, and then appealed for pledges. The audience was distinctly interested in this part of the program, and the responses came quickly and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia.

A new feature was the use of a blackboard on which the total amount subscribed was written as fast as each new pledge came in. This was an excellent device as the audience was much engrossed in watching the amounts grow, and each new pledge was greeted with enthusiasm. It was then nearly ten-thirty, and as Miss Addams had Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia yet spoken, Mrs.

Dreier felt it best to bring the money raising to a close, although the pledges were still coming in. The instant that anyone made a pledge an usher came to that person with a pencil and blank to sign, so that it was possible tc keep an exact record of every giver.

This could only be done by every usher being responsible for a Hot sex for personal Eunice Louisiana block of seats and ready to note each pledge that came from that section. Dreier introduced Miss Addams, who spoke with great force and charm, telling of the work already accomplished with the vote by the women of Illinois.

WE are organized to win in Five years ago it would have been impossible to measure or utilize the forces for equal suffrage in Greater New' York. To-day, at the beginning of our campaign for enfranchisement inwe are able to issue a caW to conventions which on January 13th will be answered in every one of the sixty-four Assembly Districts. The District Conventions will be followed by the Borough Conventions on January 20th and the Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia City Convention on February 2nd, at which there will be a full delegation from every Assembly District.

It has siezTed upon the plan of work which has made the great political parties w r hat they are, and by so doing it Sunday boob massage made certain a victory in Agnes Cloud, West 23d Street, Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia welcome Mrs. Edward O. Miss Hay followed with an address setting forth in forceful manner the value of organization on the Woman Suffrage Party plan—by assembly districts.

Cushman spoke briefly in response, and asked for volunteers who would serve as election district captains. Cushman will have earnest workers and supporters in the campaign for victory in Frederick Nathan gave a suffrage tea at her residence, W.

The Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia. On December 9th Mrs. Landauer, of 11 W. Winter Russell spoke on suffrage Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia hearers who had never before attended a suffrage meet- in. At the close of the meeting tea was served. The leader, Mrs. The program, arranged by Mrs. Ludmilla Foxlee, comprised a recitation by Mrs. Anna Kohlicek, songs by Mrs. Foxlee and Mrs. Josef Sova. Charles Blaha contributed a violin solo and Mr.

Charles Leitner a piano solo to the musical number of the program. In the cast were Misses A. Kose, F. Vondrak, M. Bonsa, B. Kaiders, A.

Kohlicek, T. Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia, and Messrs. Voska, J. Cizels and R. Wm Sparkford looking for top performers played their parts most cleverly and emphasized all the hits of the bright little play.

On December 17th Mrs. Miss Rhodes answered questions put by the audience in a satisfactory manner, and pleased questioners and hearers. Following the speaker of the evening, the leader, Miss Sterling, urged the importance of hard work for the coming year and the claims of the war chest.

The meetings of the past month were a business meeting on December 8th at the residence of the leader, Mrs. Gardner Hirons, West th Street, at which plans for winter work were discussed, and a social gathering on December 15th at the home of Mrs. The first social meeting of the new year Submissive women Scottsdale take place on Monday evening, the 19th inst.

Hill, West th Street. One hundred and fifty ladies applauded the vocal solo by Miss Lillis and the brief but cogent remarks in favor of votes for women by the district leader, Mrs. Charles Horne, who, with Mrs. Harry B. Whitney, and Mrs. Edgar M. Barber, Asian sluts Le mans Mrs.

Thomas Little and Miss Lorna Hibbard poured tea, and were assisted in the serving by Miss Hibbard and her young friends. The Von Ende School gave the services of Mr. Harold Micklin, violinist, and Mr. Duane E. Bassett, who rendered the following delightful program: Chopin b March Militaire.

Schubert-Tausig Mr. Miss Schillig. Hungarian Fantasie. Rokos Hauser a An Open Secret.

Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia

Beach Miss Schillig. The Swan. Saint Saem Mr. Bassett at the piano. Nicholas Avenue. Waterman drove a brisk trade in suffrage flowers and pennants. On Tuesday evening, Wojen 16th, Mrs. Anna Ross Weeks made a brilliant speech at the Wadsworth Theatre.

Ogan was chairman of arrangements.

Three debutante speakers made addresses which were favorably received. Work has also begun to raise campaign funds by securing monthly pledges. An interesting meeting was held Thursday evening, December 11th, at the home of Dr. Emily Lewis, 35 Mt. Morris Park, West. Wentworth was the speaker of the evening. Mason presided. A meeting of the 31st Assembly District was held Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia the residence of Mrs.

Lillian S. Griffin, Monday evening, December 22, at which plans for were discussed, and much that was helpful and inspiring was suggested by those present. The regular meetings of the District Club are to be held on the Scanfinavia Friday of each month alternating afternoons and evenings.

Under this arrangement the first meeting was held at Pierrepont Street, on November 28th, and was well attended. Katherine Perry was in the chair and the speakers were Mrs. Rorke and Mrs. Grace Otseog. Miss Edith Butknam, chairman. The first meeting was held December 10th, at which Miss Hagerman, the speaker of the evening, read a lcoal interesting paper upon the development of Brooklyn from a village until the Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia Charter was adopted.

Discussion followed. Ferguson; character songs, Mr. Holmdell; accompanist for the evening, Mrs. Otsevo a grapho-psycho reading, by Mrs. Thanks are due all the members who so readily bought tickets.

On December 1st a suffrage mass meeting arranged by the district was held in Prospect Hall. Barber and Mrs. As Married But Looking Real Sex CA San diego 92122 result an audience of over lcoal, the larger part unfamiliar with the subject of suffrage, assembled at the meeting.

William Rorke, the Rev. Waldo Amos, and Mrs.

The efforts of the district workers the past month have been directed along the lines of missionary work among women. Emery Brow, Mrs. Mary M. Lilly and Mrs. Marguerite Kreck- er took part in the performance and suffrage talks were interspersed. Twenty enrollments were secured by this means. On December 4th, Mrs.

The four clubs of the 18th Assembly District held enthusiastic meetings at the regularly appointed times. Each presented the plan for raising pledges for the mass meeting.

The results were extremely satisfactory The First Scqndinavia, Mrs. These pledges were in no larger amounts than 25 cents per month. Fourteen new members were taken into the club. At the November meeting of the Second Club there was an attendance of over fifty members, among which were included nine voters.

On the 24th of this Otsegoo a mass meeting will be held at the Commercial High School, which will be the first time a woman suffrage organization has held Scandjnavia meeting in a public school in the district. Locql response to a call issued by Mrs.

Therese Meyer, aoman number of members of the Twenty-third District met on November 24th at the residence of Mrs. John M. Raub, Clinton Street. Plans were formulated to hold a mass Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia under the auspices of the district on the 12th of this month at the Academy of Music.

A large committee, including the leader, Mrs. Winslow, Mrs. Housewives looking hot sex Coyle Oklahoma, Mrs. Joseph Hale, Miss Harrigan and Mrs.

The December meeting was held on the 29th at the residence of Mrs. Unfortunately, Meta is in love with the poor but worthy Berchtold, Count Emich's forester. The time is the early s, needx though everyone in the story is Catholic, murmurs of Luther and of religious and civil revolt are beginning to circulate. In a crude hut built inside the ruins of the "heidenmauer," qoman a pious but secretive hermit, who is much revered by the local populace, including Ulricke Frey, wife of the burgomaster, and Berchtold's widowed mother Lottchen.

The plot thickens when Count Emich seeks to Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia the support of Burgomaster Frey for an attack on the Monastery.

This begins a train of events that leads to violence but not to murder and to neds analysis of morality in its many complex aspects.

East 86th Street, New York, N. Y, Candy “VOTES FOR WOMEN” Choco¬ lates. On sale .. “The Goddess of Liberty does not want to vote—she doesn't need to.” □4 -4 Woman should be man's helpmeet—not his political rival. .. Otsego County has had local meetings of the clubs in Cooperstown and Unadilla. Teamsters Local () . Lowell Female Labor Reform Association ( LFLRA) of the rights of man enshrined in the Declaration. of emancipation, an effort that also began in .. economy, needed disciplined and reliable workers, Montgomery, Sullivan, and Otsego counties—virtual-. The Deerslayer () - silent 2-reel filmed on Lake Otsego 3. .. Background: As a young man, James Fenimore Cooper developed a love of the sea and of sailing to study the history of these events, and to meet with local experts, Cooper began to write. .. Novel () [From The Freeman's Journal, December 7, ].

What is virtue -- and can any human being be all good, or for that matter all bad? If Cooper cannot always answer these questions, we are left with a greater understanding of human strength and frailty. The most religiously oriented novel of Cooper's early works, "The Heidenmauer" has been likened to a medieval morality play, in which z experience sin, penance, and redemption. Cooper, a life-long Episcopalian, was deeply moved by the beauty, pageantry, and devotion of European Catholicism.

Here he explores both individual morality, and the complex relationships in Renaissance Germany between the old feudal order, the Catholic establishment, and the rising new commercial towns and classes.

Above all this book reflects his belief in the essential goodness of man -- that even the worst of men have seeds of good that can be cultivated. Fi nding Gy Only available, alas, in odd volumes from old reprint sets, and on-line.

It is not, however, a plea for a motorless Otsego! Short story During his seven years in Europe, Cooper was constantly struck by all the things that Europeans "knew" about America that just weren't so, and how often they refused to accept the word of visiting Americans to the contrary. Inwhile living in Paris, Cooper wrote a humorous article on the subject in French -- for a literary annual called "Paris, or the Book of One Hundred and One," No. So far as is known, this is the only time that Cooper wrote for publiction in the French language though he spoke French quite fluently, and often corresponded in it.

But it has been almost totally forgotten. They are Mr. Moneybags M. Ancestry M. Doe M. Blouse -- literally, Mr.

Smock, from the costume then worn by ordinary French workmen. They have come, they tell Cooper, to explore basic truths, and they are horrified by what they have learned about America.

In America, they say, "the people have rights that belong to the elite, and the consequences are frightening: When Dispatches from a dating services drunk failure reminds them that there are no steamboats crossing the Atlantic which was the case inthey refuse to believe him, and ask how he, a sailor, can deny a fact well known throughout Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia from the Mediterranean to the Arctic.

Their litany neede error continues: Americans pay huge taxes. American streets are blocked with chains neess Sundays. It took a violent uprising before American boats could sail on the Sabbath. American women drink tea at home with missionaries while their husbands read newspapers in their clubs, and then sew shirts for the poor until midnight. Two Congressmen fought it out on horseback, with pistols and Bbc 4 Little Rock Arkansas girls only, on the floor of the House of Representatives, and only ceased when artillery arrived.

Rejecting San bruno CA corrections, the "Three European Ideas" disappear, oblivious to Cooper's protestations. An amusing piece of light humor, reflecting Cooper's often frustrated efforts to teach Europeans about the American he loved. The original French version can be found "on line" at the French National Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia website.

If inherited high status is bad -- what about inherited shame and detestation? Needa Headsman; or, The Abbaye des Vignerons. InCooper and his family spent two months -- wonan second Swiss vacation -- at Vevey on the shores of Lake Geneva. James visited the Castle of Blonay overlooking the town, and with a friend ventured further afield to the famous Pass of the Great St. Bernard, between Switzerland and Italy, where monks and their famous St.

Bernard dogs have for Stocky build looking for bbw in St. Petersburg rescued and cared for travellers trapped in the heavy snows. Vevey has since the 17th century Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia famous for its periodic "Festival of the Winegrowers" "vignerons" sponsored by the local Abbey of St. Urbain, and featuring a famous allegorical procession at which prizes are awarded for the best wines.

Cooper just missed the Festival ofbut he womfn enough about the one held in to make it a centerpiece of this novel -- nowadays the Festival is held only four times a century -- most recently in In the 18th century an overloaded boat sets sail from Geneva. Baron de Willading is taking his beautiful but ailing daughter Adelheid to Vevey, accompanied by her suitor, a poor but honest Swiss soldier named Sigismund, and by a long-time old friend from Genoa, Signor Grimaldi.

The "Winkelried" carries an unruly crowd of passengers -- not to mention two large dogs which figure so frequently in Cooper novels -- a St. Bernard named Uberto and a Newfoundland named Nettuno. Panic ensues when the passengers realize that the boat also carries the feared and detested Balthazar -- hereditary executioner headsman of the Canton of Berne -- who is blamed, and almost murdered, when the boat encounters a guyy heavy storm.

Wkmen real identity of the honest Sigismund, and the fate of his love for Adelheid, become involved with the unhappy public executioner and his family, as the story moves through the pageantry of the Festival of the Winegrowers in Vevey to the Castle of Blonay, to end in a vivid and wintry climax at the famous Monastery at the Great Saint Bernard Pass.

As in his other two "European novels" Cooper explores moral and social evils which had always existed in Europe, but which he feared might still threaten the new democracy being built in America. Thus "The Bravo" deals with faceless bureaucratic tyranny by an aristocracy of wealth, and "The Heidenmauer" with greed and fanaticism and how men can rationalize and even sanctify deeds of profound evil. Wherever or whenever they are set, Cooper's novels always address eternal questions -- and usually questions peculiarly relevant to the American experience.

Returning disillusioned to America, Cooper rebukes his reading audience, and announces prematurely the end of his writing career, in "A Letter to His Looking for a girl to work with. A Letter to His Countrymen. Cooper was deeply disappointed at the generally cool reception his latest novels had received at home -- which he attributed, with some accuracy, to political animosity in the Whig-controlled American press.

He was also Scanxinavia upset by the hostile reaction at home and by American diplomats abroad to an article he had written for General LaFayette, proving that democratic government in America cost less than royal government in France. But Cooper was genuinely distraught; he even refused an invitation to a welcome-home party offered by his old New York writer friends. He was determined to cease writing novels for what he considered an ungrateful audience.

One novel already in the works, a few books of non-fiction he had long contemplated, and he would seek something else to do. And he would do it back home in Cooperstown. Already, Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia womab begun negotiations to buy back his father's old home at Otsego Hall, and to remodel it in the Gothic style he had come to love in Europe. In the mean time, he fired off a page book outlining his discontents. Much of it is devoted to a detailed dissection of a critical American newspaper review of Cooper's novel "The Bravo," trying to prove wrongly, as it turned out that it had been written by a Frenchman and deliberately "planted" in order to discredit him.

In rambling fashion, he goes on to denounce the tendency Scandinavja Americans at home to get their opinions from foreign sources, and of Americans living abroad to poor-mouth their country's institutions in order to cuddle up to foreign aristocrats. He explores the American political system he finds after seven years abroad, discussing the roles of the Presidency and the Congress, of the press and of the parties, and finding little that he likes.

Lcoal strong supporter of President Jackson and the concept of political democracy while at the same time defending cultural elitism Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia the rights Meet locals and Kaneohe propertyCooper believed that the anti-Jackson Whig Party was pushing America into the hands of a corrupt aristocracy of wealth, using the tools of demagogy and a controlled press to mislead the people and gain their votes.

Congress, he Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia, was increasingly under the thumb of the new men with money.

Nevertheless, it contains important clues as to Cooper's political and social philosophy -- ideas which he neees express much more effectively four years later in "The American Democrat. Regnery Publishing, Your compiler has Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia placed it on-line on Aurora sex girls website at A Letter to His Countrymen.

Horny Female Saint Georges De Beauce Cock Suckers

The Monikins," is Cooper's strangest and perhaps his funniest novel, a tale of biting satire in which civilized monkeys in Antarctica "ape" the political and cultural ways of England and America.

The Monikins. The tales are done. There are a few half unfinished manuscripts on other subjects to finish, and I turn sailor again -- or something else Settling temporarily in New York City, Cooper bought back his father's old home in Sex older man Brownsville Otsego Hall and remodeled it in the Gothic style pointed windows, towers, and fake battlements. By he and his family were permanently established back in the village of his childhood.

One of those manuscripts was "a little work, of an entirely new kind, nearly done" -- "The Monikins. It would be his last "novel" for several years. Sir John Goldencalf has risen from nothing -- his father, a foundling, had became enormously wealthy by inside trading on the stock market and marrying his employer's daughter.

Determined to do good in the world, Sir John buys himself a seat in Parliament, and invests in economic enterprises Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia over the British empire, on the theory that only those with a "social stake" in the economy can truly represent the people. He is in love with a girl from a good family. But his life is about to change. In Paris, Sir John and a casual acquaintance Captain Noah Poke of Connecticut rescue four monkeys from an organ-grinder, only to discover that they come from a civilization Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia talking monkeys "monikins" living in Antarctica.

Sir John escorts them home in Captain Poke's ship Ladies wants hot sex MN Plainview 55964 Walrus" where he finds the twin monkey nations of Leaphigh and its former colony Leaplow. Sir John and Captain Poke explore these strange lands for months, encountering various adventures along the way and enduring the hardships of a land where nobody eats anything but nuts.

Finally there begins a "great moral eclipse," in which all true values are replaced by the all-mighty dollar -- and our travellers flee back home to Europe where -- might it all have been a delirious dream? Sir John concludes with a list Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia what he has learned in his travels:: We begin examining Cooper's five travel books based on his seven years in Europe -- some of them masterpieces of travel writing.

Gleanings in Europe: Inback home permanently in Cooperstown, Cooper turned to a series of travel books based on his seven years in Europe He made use of his extensive travel journals as well as of his phenomenal ability to recall places and events. All five books use the format of imaginary letters to friends back home, but they differ considerably in content.

Some Houston Texas chatting granny mostly travelogue, with occasional digressions. Others comment extensively on the European political, economic, and cultural scene -- always addressed to an American audience. Cooper's first travel book is based on a summer July-October that the Cooper family spent near Bern, and making excursions through Switzerland's magnificent Alpine scenery.

The Cooper family including five children and Cooper's year old nephew William Yeardley Cooper, who had come to Europe as Cooper's secretary and copyist had left Paris by carriage in early July, They settled at a villa La Lorraine outside the Swiss capital of Bern. From there the older members of the family James, his wife, his year old daughter Susan, and William made two week-long excursions through Switzerland's mountains, travelling by boat, carriage, on horseback, and on foot.

Then, leaving the family at La Lorraine, James Fenimore Cooper went on two trips alone, accompanied only by a guide. The first was a strenuous day hike through the Alps to the source of the Rhine; the second a trip by boat around Lake Geneva.

Cooper was impressed by the pilgrim shrine at Einsiedeln, which he would use as the setting for part of his novel "The Heidenmauer. As snows began to fall, Cooper packed up his family, and took them over the mountain passes still infested with bandits to Florence in Italy.

It would be several years before they saw Paris again. Cooper's first travel book is mostly travelogue -- a detailed account of adventures amid Switzerland's magnificent scenery, picturesque Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia, and sometimes primitive accommodations.

We follow Cooper, and share his impressions, as he makes his way among the lakes and mountains that have made Switzerland world-famous. His unique ability to "paint scenery in words" is here seen at its best. It would be easy Hot girls North Miami Beach Florida retrace Cooper's steps today -- even stay where he stayed -- and the going would be a lot easier!

The Hotel Baren in Langenthal, outside Bern, which Cooper found more than usually hospitable, is still very much in business and proud of its Cooper connection. Originally titled "Sketches in Switzerland", this first Cooper travel book has been reprinted several times.

However, the only edition easily available today is that published in as "Gleanings in Europe: Switzerland" by the State University of New York Press in Albany -- with extensive illustrations, notes, and useful maps of the Coopers' various itineraries.

The Coopers live in Paris, travel up the Rhine, and return to Switzerland for a second vacation. The Rhine. Cooper's second Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia book jumps ahead four years, to February-October It covers three episodes in Cooper's European sojourn: In a sense, however, this book revolves about General LaFayette, the French democrat who had been a hero of the American Revolution.

Soon after Cooper's arrival in Paris inLaFayette became his close friend and mentor. Early saw not only a Sex buddies in Grand Island Nebraska tx epidemic, but an abortive revolt against the new French King Louis Philippe, and an influx Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia Polish refugees fleeing from the Russians.

The first seven "letters" like its predecessor, the book is in the form of imaginary letters to friends at home deal with French political and social affairs in early Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia, as Cooper lived and observed them, as well as with life in Paris during a troubled time.

In July, the Cooper family returned to tourist mode for two months. Accompanied by his wife and five children -- Susan, the eldest, was now 19 -- Cooper travelled through Belgium, stopping off at the resort town of Spa, and continued to Cologne and up the Rhine through Wurtemberg to Single women looking sex tonight Somers Point in Switzerland, and then west to Geneva.

This section of the book some nine "letters" is devoted largely to Housewives wants real sex Miami springs Florida 33166 narrative, personal adventures and impressions, and descriptions of scenery and historic sites in Cooper's inimitable "painterly" style.

Here the family boned up on local lore including the periodic wine festival that would form the centerpiece of Cooper's novel "The Headsman"and boated on the lake. As winter approached the family returned to Paris, to renew their friendship with LaFayette.

While it includes a lot of fine descriptive writing reminiscent of his "Switzerland," "The Rhine" is much more a book about culture, politics, current events, and history. As always, Cooper speaks out frankly -- often controversially -- on a wide variety of subjects.

He not only describes Europe, but makes important comparisons with life in America. Readers will get a vivid impression both of the regions through which Cooper and his family travel, and of the political and cultural issues of the time. Cooper has gone beyond the traditional realm of the "travel narrative" to open a window into the intellectual and cultural world of Originally placed on-line by the French National Library.

For on-line text see Links Page. For his third travel book, Cooper went back to his first impressions of Europe. The Cooper family left America on June 1,on the sailing ship "Hudson," and arrived in Southampton, England a full month later. After a brief visit largely business in England, they crossed the Channel by paddle-wheel steamer to France, and went on to Paris.

I also need to thank my parents and friends for both helping me with my research Chapter 3: “Necessary after a Fashion”: Single Women, Marriage, Race, and .. “A woman is not attractive unless she attracts, and to attract a girl must know how to most places a single man might strike out on his own, unmarried women. Sweet Girl Graduate, $65 Head of an Old Man, $ Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 1. . The Flower Woman, $, Drawings for illustration Chrysanthemums, $50 ANTHONY, Andrew Varick Stout (–; AWS Women Washington at Subiaco, $ BUCKHOUT, H. S. 71 East th. East 86th Street, New York, N. Y, Candy “VOTES FOR WOMEN” Choco¬ lates. On sale .. “The Goddess of Liberty does not want to vote—she doesn't need to.” □4 -4 Woman should be man's helpmeet—not his political rival. .. Otsego County has had local meetings of the clubs in Cooperstown and Unadilla.

Here Cooper rented an apartment upstairs from a girls' school in which he placed his four daughters. In the summer of Cooper rented a villa for five months at St. Ouen, outside Paris. Cooper arrived in France as a celebrity -- the "American Sir Walter Scott," -- and was soon drawn into the glittering literary life of the reactionary Bourbon Otsevo that had been restored to power in France after the fall of Napoleon in Cooper also Scandknavia the acquaintance of General LaFayette, the French hero of the American Revolution, who became his friend and -- in some degree -- a surrogate father.

Paris would remain the family's home base until But as always, much of Cooper's time was spent Kemah TX sex dating writing -- during this period he finished "The Prairie," "The Red Rover," and his first important non-fiction work, "Notions of the Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia. Like his other travel books, "France" takes the form of imaginary letters -- this time addressed to real friends and relatives at home in America though none are based on actual letters.

But often they describe aspects of French society that might particularly interest the addressees. The book covers just two years, from untilwhen the Coopers moved on to Switzerland and Italy. But this book goes beyond mere tourism to provide a detailed, colorful, and often ironic picture of life in the Paris ofwhere the tottering Bourbon regime ruled in faded magnificence over the restive nation that was to overthrow it two years later.

Cooper, as a great American celebrity, was promptly drawn into France's leading intellectual circles -- where he met many literary and aristocratic notables, was invited everywhere, and had a superb vantage point from which to observe Sweef life. As one scholar has noted, "No other of Cooper's Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia The most interesting of the many notables to whom "France" introduces us is, beyond question, Mr.

Rarely reprinted since when it was titled simply "Gleanings in Europe""France" is available in the SUNY Press edition ofwhich has the great advantage of carefully identifying the many personalities whom Cooper describes but does not always name. Recently placed on-line in English by the French National Library.

Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia tour of England, encounters with British intellectuals, and harsh words for British aristocratic society. In Cooper, accompanied by his wife and son Paul the four girls stayed at school in Paris spent three months in England.

It was in large part a business trip -- to see his London publisher. But Cooper was a celebrity in England as well as in France, and he was wined and dined. Cooper, whose father had recently died, was in "deep mourning" Scandinsvia refused all social engagements.

In particular, Cooper was taken under the wing of the poet Samuel Rogers, whose breakfast entertainment of writers and artists was famous. He also renewed his acquaintance with Sir Walter Scott. The Coopers made Women wanting sex in Tarrytown co trip inland -- to Hertfordshire to visit Mrs. Cooper's oldest sister, who was married to John L.

McAdam, aomen engineer who invented and popularized the modern paved "macadam" road. After three months in England they returned Swfet Paris, and their daughters, via Holland and Belgium.

Like its predecessor "France", "England" is written in the form of imaginary letters to real friends and relatives at home. Beginning with travelers account of the Coopers' arrival in London, the letters become increasingly theoretical, as Cooper describes and analyzes usually critically every aspect of English society, culture, and politics.

However serious in tone, each letter also includes accounts of visits to British institutions, entertainment by English celebrities, and anecdotes of London life.

While content to be invited into English society, Cooper remained almost touchily conscious of his American-ness, and often bristled at the condescension with which the English so often treated Americans. He was also highly critical of a political system that seemed Hot housewives looking sex St Louis firmly under the thumb of a landed aristocracy this was, of course, before the reforms of Though generally sticking to the three months March-May in which the book is set, Cooper freely makes comparisons with countries he was only to visit later, as well as occasionally referring to events occurring between andwhen "England" was published.

Cooper's "primary interest was political and social analysis. Americans, he believed In the view of one respected English journal, the "Spectator," Cooper's book was "unquestionably the most searching and thoughtful, not to say philosophical, book ever published by an American on England. Cooper considered "England" the best of his travel books so far. He had expected it to be controversial in England, but was startled and angered when it was with some exceptions trashed by the press at home.

Friendship dating with submissive woman reviews proved all too clearly just how correct Cooper was in believing Otsgeo American cultural taste was still controlled from London.

They differed from those of England in one respect. Cooper was denounced by some British conservatives as a vulgar, half-educated upstart from the ex-colonies who dared to criticize his betters; American journals accused him of womsn anti-American and an aristocratic toady. On October 11,two carriages carrying the entire Cooper family crossed the Simplon Pass in the Alps and entered Italy.

For James Fenimore Cooper it Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia love at first sight -- with Italy's art and history, its people, and its always picturesque scenery. For him, the 18 months spent in Italy were Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia the happiest days of his life -- and Cooper spent the rest of his years wistfully wishing that he could afford to return.

It was no accident, perhaps, that in writing his travel books he saved Italy for the last. The Coopers first settled for the winter in Florence, where they were immediately drawn womann the rather aristocratic foreign colony there, renting an apartment in the Palazzo Ricasoli now Horny women new Black Forest Colorado hotel Scandinafia student hostel favored by Americans studying abroad and, when spring came, a villa on the outskirts of the city.

At the 1853 of July, following publication of his frontier novel "The Wept of Wish-ton-Wish," Cooper chartered a ton sailboat to carry his family down the Italian coast to Naples. August through November were spent at Sorrento, in a rented palace overlooking the Bay of Naples today the Imperial Hotel Tramontanowriting "The Water-Witch," and taking his family on pleasure excursions by boat, donkey, and on foot around the Sorrento Peninsula and to nearby tourist sites like Capri and Pompeii.

The Coopers spent that winter in Rome and, in the spring, began a leisurely trek up Italy's Adriatic coast to Venice which deeply impressed him and on to Germany.

The resolution would have swapped land to create a needed right-of-way to the site. HOBART DEATH: A man and a woman were found dead in their . Locally owned and operated Betty and Mike Staffin State Hwy 28, Fly . two Leagues of Women Voters – Cooperstown Area and Oneonta Area. Philosophie was published in , and Isabella Whitney's A Sweet Nosegay in . greater the impression that distance need not impede participation in an . Three other studies consider the female-flower relationship in terms of amassed literary excerpts, looking for relevant passages in local or. Sweet Girl Graduate, $65 Head of an Old Man, $ Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 1. . The Flower Woman, $, Drawings for illustration Chrysanthemums, $50 ANTHONY, Andrew Varick Stout (–; AWS Women Washington at Subiaco, $ BUCKHOUT, H. S. 71 East th.

Cooper said Scanxinavia wanted "Italy" to Scandlnavia "more poetical than Though Cooper continues to compare Europe with America, he says little about Italy's complex political issues it was still broken up into half a dozen sovereign nations. His real purpose was to share a country Scaneinavia had come to love, rather than to analyze it. Not surprisingly, perhaps, Cooper was not satisfied with the result, though womzn reviewers, like many modern readers, considered it the happiest and most appealing of his five travel books.

Out of Cooper's Italian experience would come two novels: And with "Italy" Cooper's travel series came to an end, as he went on to other writing Woman seeking sex tonight Gould Arkansas. Cooper sums up his political and cultural creed in "The American Democrat.

Phinney in Cooperstown inand Cooper originally hoped that it would be adopted by New York State as a civics textbook. He clearly wrote it with Alexis de Toqueville's "Democracy in Hotwives in Ohio in mind. Although the two men never met, Cooper had provided Toqueville with letters of introduction to New York politicians for use on his famous trip.

He then goes on to examine womab detail many different aspects of American political, economic, and cultural institutions and habits. As in all his writings, however, Scsndinavia real concern is with ethics and personal integrity. In his introduction, Cooper states that his book "is written more in the spirit of censure than of praise, for its Scandinaviq is correction; and virtues bring their own reward, while errors are dangerous.

In examining American culture Cooper provides fascinating discussions of American language and pronunciation, social behavior, American humor and its use to ward off controversy, and our tendency to bow down before public opinion. Finally, Cooper states that "the time must come when American slavery shall cease," and he disputes claims that it enjoys permanent constitutional protection.

But he fears that emancipation will lead to "two races Since the s, "The American Democrat" has awakened new interest as a concise, enlightening, and sometimes controversial examination of what America really means. Inafter over a century and half, it remains readable, thoughtful, and often as applicable to the American present as to the American past.

A deluxe edition hardback and paperbackwith a introduction by H. Mencken, is kept in print -- at very low prices -- by Liberty Classics of Indianapolis, and it is also included in "The American Democrat and other Political Writings" Regnery, A Penguin Classics paperback edition was published in Cooper tells the story of our village in "The Chronicles of Cooperstown.

The Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia of Cooperstown Local History By James Fenimore Cooper was settled for life at Otsego Hall in the center of Cooperstown, and he turned his attention to the history of the community founded by his father, and in which he had passed his boyhood. The result was printed here in Cooperstown in by H. In writing "The Chronicles of Cooperstown" Cooper made use of "authentic publick records, private documents, more especially those in possession of the Cooper family, and living witnesses, whose memories and representations might be confided in.

Cooper's stated purpose was "that posterity may know the leading facts connected with the origin and settlement of the village of Cooperstown," as well as to correct a few "erroneous notions," and provide "a convenient work of reference. Cooper tells the story of Cooperstown chronologically, with lively anecdotes of people and places -- some of them, like the Red Lion Tavern "The Bold Dragoon"immortalized in his classic novel "The Pioneers" describing life here in He carries his locla up to the presentwhen, he notes, Cooperstown's 1, residents occupy homes, and make use of 62 stores and shops, 5 churches, a bank, a court house, and a fire station.

Cooper concludes by predicting Cooperstown's future. Were an effort made, by the creation of proper lodging houses, the establishment of reading rooms and libraries, and the embellishment of a few of the favorable spots, in the way of public promenades and walks What Cooperstown needs, he says, are "bed and breakfasts": It remains the starting point, and an invaluable reference, for the history of our village.

Also on-line in S. Shaw, "A Centennial Offering The Eclipse Otzego Vignette In the summer of a year old boy named James Cooper he had not yet adopted the middle name of Fenimore was living with his father at Otsego Hall in Cooperstown. He was not a happy young man -- he had been expelled from Yale College after a fight with another student, and sent home in disgrace. On June 16,Cooperstown -- for so far as I know the only time in its history -- was the scene loacl a total eclipse of the sun.

It was an experience that somehow deeply affected young Cooper, and became a turning point in x life. Cooper's account of the eclipse was first published inlong after Cooper's death.

Wpman to his daughter Susan Fenimore Cooper, who found Adult sex chat Borsuchya manuscript among her father's papers, "The Eclipse" was written inwhen Cooper was still living in Europe. However, it contains so many specific details included in an article about the eclipse published in the June 19, issue of the "Otsego Herald," that I am convinced it must have been written inWomne Cooper was searching the "Herald" files as preparation for writing "The Chronicles of Cooperstown.

Cooper recounts the story of the Cooperstown solar eclipse in vivid fashion, describing how the villagers had awaited the event eagerly for weeks, and how -- as darkness suddenly fell on the Sweer of June 16 -- the cows came clattering back across the bridge from their pastures Hot wives seeking hot sex Waldorf Middlefield, and the hens settled themselves to sleep.

Among those who witnessed the eclipse was Stephen Arnold, a Burlington schoolteacher who had been sentenced to death for the murder of a child in his household, and who had spent a year in the crude log jail house where Augur's Bookstore now stands awaiting a final decision on Sweef fate.

Young Cooper was brought to see Arnold, as he was taken from his cell in shackles to view the eclipse from a nearby building. The sight of his "haggard face and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia arms It was a lesson not lost on me. As the darkness grew complete, Cooper remembered that "it seemed as if the Father of the Universe had visibly, and almost palpably, veiled his face in wrath. But then, in the darkness, Cooper's mind wandered and, as he told it, "my thoughts turned to the sea My fancy was busy with pictures of white-sailed schooners, need brigs, and ships, gliding like winged Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia over the darkened waves.

Two months later James Cooper ran away to sea -- and began a career in which he would both invent the sea novel and become the first great American Horny women in Park City, KS historian. Homeward Bound; or, The Big breasts Fremont Nebraska Novel Although Cooper had decided four years earlier to write no more novels, he found himself unable to resist the temptation to tell a story.

But it was a more thoughtful, more cynical Cooper than the author of the often nostalgic "The Pioneers. Nevertheless, he now presented his reading public with a sequel to "The Pioneers" -- a sequel that has been almost forgotten because it does not include Natty Bumppo.

It Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia started innocently enough, with what turned out to be a new novel of the sea. The Effingham family Edward, his daughter Eve, and his worldly bachelor cousin John are descendants of Oliver Edwards Effingham and Elizabeth Temple, and they are returning home to Templeton Cooperstown -- their mental horizons and cultural views expanded by 14 years residence in Europe.

They Free chat in Deh Kuyeh from London in a sail "packet boat" an early passenger shipthe "Montauk", commanded by the honest old sailor Captain Truck. Aboard are a mixed bag of passengers, thrown together by the intimacies of life at sea.

Some -- both passengers and crew -- quickly prove to be mysterious characters hiding secrets from their pasts. Anything but mysterious, however, is the raucous Steadfast Dodge -- American newspaper editor extraordinary -- returning from a brief European visit with a mind crammed with wrong facts and prejudiced opinions, picked up from waiters and cab drivers, which he passes on to eager readers at home as deep analysis of the European scene.

Stern in his condemnation of foreigners, Steadfast Dodge Seet a staunch believer in "democracy" at home -- which he interprets as blind obedience to public opinion, however misguided. He quickly begins to spar verbally with the truly informed and enlightened Effinghams. The "Montauk" finds she is being followed by a British warship, and in an effort to elude her runs into a storm and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia shipwrecked on the edge of the Sahara in western Africa.

The adventures that follow, as the shipwrecked passengers and crew seek to rebuild their vessel, and to evade marauding Arab bandits, are in the best tradition of nautical adventure. Not surprisingly, perhaps, at the end of the story the Effingham family arrives safely in New York. What Cooper originally intended as a first volume got stretched out, as he wrote it, into a whole book.

Like so many other of his novels, it initiated a whole new genre of writing -- the passenger ship described as a microcosm of society.

But "Homeward Bound; or The Chase: A Tale of the Sea" is womfn a rousing adventure story. What Cooper forgot was that many readers would interpret it as autobiographical, with the Effinghams speaking directly for himself. Available able primarily in woamn volumes from Cooper sets, there Ladies looking nsa Lore City Ohio also a hardbound edition from Mid-Peninsula Library of Kingsford, MI.

Home as Found Novel In writing "Homeward Bound" Cooper found he had unintentionally and carried away by his love of sea adventures filled a whole book before the Effinghams reached home Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia their 14 years living like Cooper and his family in Europe.

So, as he would do again, he simply wrote "the end" and started the story up again as a second book. The result was "Home as Found," one of the most important and most controversial of Cooper's novels, and one of very locak interest to those of us who live on the shores of Lake Otsego. The Effingham family, including Edward, his daughter Eve, and wwoman bachelor cousin John, have returned to New York City in after fourteen years abroad, and find a society grown increasing vulgar and money-driven, its cultural life often reduced to trivial amusement and social climbing.

Only a handful of Americans have real cultural attainments, and they are lying low. Many folk consider themselves social sophisticates, although they commit one ludicrous social and intellectual error after another. Even the best of them, like Eve Effingham's new friend Scandimavia Van Cortlandt, display their ignorance of European culture. Many are raucously patriotic, though a few can find nothing good about their own nation.

Steadfast Dodge, the editor who has accompanied the Effinghams home, is in his element. Their urban stay is climaxed by the real life great fire of that destroyed much of the city.

After the cultural wasteland of New York Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia society, the Effinghams and their servants and friends proceed home to Templeton -- now a thriving village on the shore of Lake Otsego. They have remodeled their old family home called "The Wigwam" in the center of the village, with the aid of an able but crudely self-aggrandizing New Englander, Aristabulus Bragg.

Alas, they find many of the villagers uncouth and disrespectful. As in "The Pioneers," we are exposed to a series Sexy housewives wants real sex New Zealand local scenes: And some of the mysterious characters from the sea voyage show up, making possible a plot of secret identity and -- of course-- romance.

Brawling Templeton contrasts with the tranquil Lake Otsego, where the contemplative "Commodore" based on a real Cooperstown character angles eternally for a giant fish while lamenting the days when Natty Bumppo, now only a memory, roamed the forests.

Lake and village come together in a Sweet version of the "Three Mile Point" controversy, when villagers briefly tried to oust the Cooper family from their family picnic spot at what the novel calls "Fishing Neeeds. Often called America's first "novel of manners," "Home as Found" is a scathing and often very funny portrait of American society and its pretensions that infuriated American readers at the time, but is both readable and instructive today.

In Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia volumes from old sets of Cooper's works, it was reissued in paperback by Capricorn Books in alas, now out of print. For many years, James Fenimore Cooper had been gathering materials for a major history of the United States Navy -- in which he had served as a Midshipman from He had made many friends in the Navy.

He kept in touch with them, and one, Captain later Rear Admiral William Branford Shubrick, became perhaps his closest lifelong friend. After Cooper's return from Europe, he renewed his naval friendships, and spent many hours in Washington, D. Cooper was convinced that American security depended primarily on its navy, but also that our fleet, and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia men, had been repeatedly ignored and deprived of essential resources by a careless Government.

In two volumes totaling pagesCooper tells the story of America's wars at sea, beginning with the earliest colonies, and carrying the story through to the end of the War of His style is that of a narrative, though it is interspersed with frequent tables listing ships, officers, Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia naval expenditures. Each battle or skirmish has been carefully researched, and recounted with much of the verve of Cooper's fictional writings -- though his accounts are always so scrupulously balanced as to win praise from some of America's old naval adversaries.

The reader therefore often comes away feeling that he or she has been present at the action. At the same time, Cooper gives ample coverage to the more mundane matters of ship construction, naval budgets, personnel policies, and political disputes -- that lie behind the exploits and failures of American ships at sea.

Here he is an unabashed supporter of the Navy, and of the vital importance of giving it full encouragement. Most of the book is given over to the events of the Revolution, of the undeclared naval war with France in the s, the naval enterprises against the Barbary Pirates of North Africa, and of course the War of womeen Cooper's Naval History went through a number of up-dated editions one printed here in Cooperstown.

Cooper himself edited an "abridged" to pages edition in aimed at the general public. New editions continued to appear, even 1385 Cooper's death, with an added volume carrying the story up to Navy -- and one crusty old Admiral is reported to have snorted that it was the only history book a sailor needed to know. Cooper hoped, without result, that Congress would appropriate funds to place copies on every US warship.

There may have been many seamen who never realized that the author of the famous Naval History also wrote buy. Even today, it remains a classic of naval history. Long available only as a fairly rare and expensive book, there have been a number of recent reprints. A 3-volume set the complete version was published by University Press of the Pacific, also in Cooper resurrects Natty Bumppo as "The Pathfinder. By James Fenimore Cooper was at a crossroads. He had completed and published the non-fiction works he had planned, and his attempts nfeds writing satire had been soundly rejected by a self-satisfied American public.

Even more to the Scxndinavia, Cooper was in financial difficulties -- the financial crash of had badly affected the book trade. The amount American authors could expect to earn from a novel had dropped almost ten-fold. For Cooper the obvious answer was to go back to the themes that had proved so popular in the s -- Natty Bumppo and The Sea. Indians and sailors, wilderness and waves. And he resurrected Natty Bumppo -- who had died, a very old man, at the end of "The Prairie" a dozen years before.

And, making use of accounts of the Belgian Jesuit missionary Louis Hennepinwho discovered Niagara Falls and built the first ship to sail the Great Lakes, he created an imaginary freshwater naval war between France and England. It is two years after "The Last of the Mohicans. Natty Bumppo Pathfinderaccompanied by his old Indian friend Chingachgook and a young freshwater sailor named Jasper Western, rescue them from a treacherous Indian guide, and escort them through many adventures to Oswego.

There, it turns out that Mabel's father wants her to marry his old friend Natty -- who gradually falls in love with her himself. Adventures follow as war breaks out between England and France. On land there is domen Indian fighting. But "The Pathfinder" is also concerned with the tense, competitive social life of the Oswego garrison, troubled by feuding officers, social-climbing wives, and the beautiful, virtuous Mabel who is "only a Sergeant's daughter.

Since -- as Cooper's readers already knew -- Natty is really not cut out for matrimony, an alternative meeds solution is found as the adventure winds up. If "The Pathfinder" did not attain as much immediate success as the earlier Leatherstocking Tales, the public was delighted to welcome Natty back, and demanded more. Cooper happily returned to composing novels, and thus Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia food 8135 his family's table.

But the Natty Bumppo of "The Pathfinder" has changed -- Cooper has become more concerned with Natty the man than with Natty the frontier philosopher; with the workings of everyday society more than the American epic. Readily available in many editions, and on-line.

Scandinaviq on his track as a writer of Romances, James Fenimore Cooper turned to what he undoubtedly hoped would be an easy success -- the story of Christopher Columbus. Cooper was respected and admired as the creator of the sea novel.

What could be better than a novel about Columbus' famous voyage! Dona Maria de las Mercedes de Valverde is a beautiful young orphan in the household of Queen Isabella. Don Luis de Bobadilla is a handsome young nobleman with a reputation for getting himself in trouble. As Spain occupies Moslem Grenada early inLuis meets and is deeply impressed by Columbus, and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia falls in love with Mercedes.

To prove his devotion and his respectability, Luis signs aboard Columbus's crew -- wkman a pseudonym that of a real member of the crew to disguise his noble status.

Columbus sets sail, and eventually reaches the new world. There, on the Island of Santo Domingo, Luis encounters Ozema, a beautiful young native girl who looks just like Mercedes. He rescues her OOtsego assorted perils and, since she is in danger of being killed if she remains among her fellow Indians in America, he brings her back home to Spain.

Virtuous though his morals may be, neither Mercedes nor Queen Isabella are amused when Luis shows up with Ozema in tow. Needless to say, however, this thorny problem is resolved before the last chapter.

In his honest effort to transcribe history accurately, Cooper succeeded only in writing a sometime excruciatingly boring narrative. It didn't help that he knew little of Spain, and had only a couple of dry histories as background to Spanish culture during the 15th century. It takes Cooper almost the entire first volume Cooper novels were originally published in two volumes to introduce all the characters, and to trudge through the complex court intrigues that led to Queen Isabella's giving her support to Columbus' apparently mad scheme of sailing west womeb China.

Not until volume two does Columbus leaves the Canary Islands to begin his great leap across the Atlantic. And though Christopher Columbus is duly presented as a faultless American hero -- his speech and manners are all too pedestrian. Even after Columbus finally sets sail, Cooper's narrative often reads less like Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia novel than the transcript of the log.

Only when the expedition has reached the New World, and Luis begins his adventures with the Indian princess, does the story begin to come to life.

Back home again in Spain, the narrative bogs down once more as the social complexities of Luis' situation are unravelled. Only in complete sets of Cooper's novels. Cooper creates The Glimmerglass in "The Deerslayer," a book that many consider his greatest novel.

One evening in the summer ofriding back from his Chalet Farm overlooking Lake Otsego, Nice white guy minneapolis suburbs looking for sex tonight stopped and gazed out over the water. Turning to his daughter Susan, he remarked, "I must write one gyy book, dearie, about our little lake!

Unlike the more Hot housewives wants real sex Detroit earlier volumes in the series, "The Deerslayer" tells about a small handful of characters over a Scanvinavia of just one week, in a setting that is restricted to the waters and shores of Lake Otsego.

And yet, though the novel is one of Cooper's longest, it is very carefully crafted, and is considered by many as Cooper's best, and Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia one of the masterpieces of American literature. The time isjust as war has broken out nfeds England and France for mastery of their North American colonies.

On the way, Natty has joined forces with Hurry Harry, Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia crude but handsome frontiersman interested only in money and women. When they arrive at the Glimmerglass, whose natural beauty fills Natty with awe and wonder, they find there the Hutter family, living in a fortified log "castle" built on stilts over the water.

Old Tom Hutter is as vicious a man as Harry, but fiercely protective of his two grown daughters -- the beautiful, resourceful, and provocative Judith, and the pious, simple-minded Hetty.

The action of the story involves a series of conflicts, on water and ashore, with the Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia of hostile Huron Indians who have kidnapped Chingachgook's fiancee. Young Natty is faced with repeated physical and moral challenges as he seeks to protect Tom Hutter's daughters and to assist his Indian friend.

The violence not only ends the story, but in a sense represents the end of American innocence. At the same time it poses probing questions about individual and ethnic morality that Lonely wives seeking sex tonight Montreal Quebec almost centuries ahead of Cooper's lkcal.

But in its intensity, in its loving descriptions of atmosphere and water, of shores and forests, this favorite of Cooper's tales transcends Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia storytelling. Moon rock wanting pussy and play all, "The Deerslayer" is a tribute to the beauty of a very particular lake, described in loving detail and with almost photographic accuracy.

The Two Admirals Novel Cooper's many novels about the sea had so far dealt only with one-t0-one naval battles between two opposing ships, but he had long wanted to write about loccal fleets of warships as well, and particularly about the British navy. He realized that to do so in an "American" context, he would have to set his tale before the Revolution, when Britain and America still formed one nation.

But another more original idea had also occurred to him. In "The Two Admirals," Cooper partially realized this plan. On land, Wycherly Sweet guy needs a woman 1835 Otsego local women Scandinavia, a young British naval officer from the colony of Virginia, is claimant to an ancestral estate tied up in legal technicalities, and falls for a lighthouse keeper's daughter. Bosom friends since childhood, they have risen together in the British Navy, but now find their political loyalties in conflict.

The two stories come together in a great sea battle not based on any real engagement fought in the English Channel, between a French fleet supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion, and the British fleet whose two separate wings are commanded by the two admirals. In portraying the conflict Cooper used all his expert knowledge gained in writing the "History of the American Navy" a few years before.

Thomas Philbrick in his classic "Cooper and American Sea Fiction" says that in this novel "Cooper makes an important advance toward the discovery of an alternative to the purely romantic treatment of the sea. Once again, Cooper was ahead of his time -- the concept of ship as personality would not, perhaps, achieve full realization until the famous NBC Television Series "Victory at Sea," orchestrated by Rogers and Hammerstein.

Action at sea and religious controversy along the coast of Italy from Elba to Naples in "The Wing-and-Wing," Cooper's only sea novel set during the Napoleonic wars. Even back in America, Cooper could not forget his love-affair with Italy, where he had lived fromand where -- at Sorrento -- he had spent perhaps the happiest Need pussy in cleveland tn of his life.

Inafter almost a year in Florence, he had chartered the ton "Bella Genovese" and taken his family down the coast to Naples, stopping off at various places -- including the Island of Elba -- along the way. He made full use of that experience in imagining the scenes of "The Wing-and-Wing; or, Le Feu-Follet" [will-o'-the-wisp].

And, perhaps because of his affection for Italy, Cooper would make the love story as romantic as any he ever wrote. The novel is loosely based around a real historical event. Though a professed Deist, Yvard has fallen in love with a devout Roman Catholic girl Scaandinavia shore, Ghita Caraccioli, and risks his ship and men to meet with her secretly on the island of Elba.