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Need smthn to do

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Need smthn to do

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The OALD shows that need can be Fuck someone Pawleys Island as "need to Need smthn to do something" and as "need doing something.

He needs to win this game to stay in the match. This shirt needs to be washed.

This shirt needs washing. Does the sentence have the same meaning as the first one, or do those sentences have a slightly different meaning?

Strictly speaking, your sentence doesn't make sense if you replace winning with "to be Nwed, while "The sofa needs to be cleaned again" does. You need to clean your shoes. You Need smthn to do do this Your shoes need to be cleaned.

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More focus on the shoes, not the agent Your shoes need cleaning. Implies that YOU should clean them.

Often mothers and spouses use this structure and raise their eyebrows or tut impatiently Other instances in which we can see this: Your bedroom needs tidying.

The car needs cleaning.

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Need smthn to do Notice that the second person you is omnipresent here, Newd other passive forms. I need to cleen my shoes. In the OALD "need doing something" example, the "doing something" is "washing". As in "This shirt needs washing.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Could I rewrite the first sentence as follows? He needs winning this game to stay in the match.

I voted to close this question, but the other question doesn't explain why "He needs winning this game to stay in the match. English grammar books say that He needs winning this game to stay in Need smthn to do Look out for "wants doing" too. Adam w Adam w 1. Please Neef explanations with your answers.

This seems to repeat what the dictionary says. If the subject is plural use "need".

Is your job that boring? Are you really doing what you want to be doing? Is there a way to start pursuing something better? Or are you already in. Go through the photos on your phone. Delete anything you don't need. Sort, using the favorite button, and make a note of the images you want. need to do something meaning, definition, what is need to do something: used when saying that someone should do : Learn more.

As in "The geese need feeding. Xenson Xenson 3 8. Does "He needs winning this game to stay in the match.

Can't think of how to explain why at the moment, so I'll leave that to someone else to answer, but it isn't correct. WendiKidd I was pointing that this answer is not saying what I am asking.

I know that needs is for the third person singular, and that is not what I am asking. Your comment says what I am asking.

I must say "He is needing to win this game It sounds like "Indian English". Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Need smthn to do Wanting Sexy Meet

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