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New evidence of sea-level oscillations during a warm period that started aboutyears ago raises the possibility of a similar scenario if the planet continues its more recent warming trend, Mesa coral dating a research team led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution WHOI.

In a paper published online in the Sept. By calculating more accurate cofal for the coral samples than previously possible, they found that sea levels Mesa coral dating considerably less Mesa coral dating than earlier believed—oscillating up and down by 4 to 6 meters feet over a few thousand years aboutyears ago during a period known as the Last Interglacial.

Thompson, lead author of the study.

The polar ice caps currently are shrinking and sea level is rising at a rate of about 30 centimeters one foot per century.

A better understanding of sea-level change in the past Mesa coral dating help to inform predictions for the future.

Mesa coral dating Historical records such as those from tide gauges extend back only a century or so. To cating more accurate age estimates Mesa coral dating the geological record, Thompson developed an advanced way of interpreting the uranium and thorium isotope ratios that have been traditionally used as a coral dating method. Until now, scientists attempting to date Last Interglacial coral reefs concluded erroneously that sea level was relatively stable during this period.

Thompson teamed up with colleagues H. Wilson of the College of Wooster, experts on the key Bahamas fossil coral sites.

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Because coral reefs grow near the sea surface, they are accurate markers of former Mesa coral dating levels. Two fossil reefs are evident at the Bahamas sites, separated by an erosional surface that was cut by wave action.

The first reef grew when sea levels were Mesa coral dating 4 meters 13 feet higher than today. The dating of fossil adting below and above this erosional surface, using our new methods, reveals important details about the timing of sea-level change that were previously obscured.

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The finding of a significant sea-level oscillationyears ago is in sharp contrast to the last 5, years, where sea level corla been relatively stable. Should the current warming trend continue, Thompson said, a Mesa coral dating similar to that of the Last Interglacial could result.

If changing climate leads to smaller ice sheets in the future, this may provoke similar instability. Media Relations Office media whoi. Thompson, lead author of the study, sampling a fossil coral on Great Inagua Island, Mesa coral dating in Photo by H.

Curran, Smith College. Researchers sampled and dated corals from two fossil reefs of different ages on the islands Msa Great Inagua and San Salvador, in the Bahamas. This photo shows a large individual fossil coral from the younger reef, which grew directly on the remains of an older generation of similar Mesa coral dating.

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The two reefs are separated by a wave-cut surface, also visible in the photo, which was eroded in the swash zone after sea level sating. Since both generations of corals grew in about Mesa coral dating m of water, and the wave-cut surface was eroded at Mesa coral dating level, this sequence is direct evidence of a sea level oscillation that occurred in the midst of the Last Interglacial period.

The age difference between the two fossil reefs is about 4, years, a very short period for such a substantial oscillation of sea level. A fossil coral like those the authors sampled and dated to reconstruct sea level changes during the Last Mesa coral dating period.

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