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*** This website is still very much under development. Please bear with me...***

People who play with 3D software often get asked 'So What's This 3D Art/Modelling Stuff All About Then?'. The simplest, but far from complete, answer is that we make pictures using a computer. The end result, the pictures, are two dimensional, but we make them within an a imaginary three-dimensional world. That 'unreal' 3D world exists only within our computers, inside our 3D software. Surprisingly a lot of the software we use is available for free... (I saw your ears prick up there, so more on that later)

You're probably thinking that the pictures you can make with free software can't be that good. Really? Take a look at the 'showcase' galleries and demo reels below (links open in a separate tab/window). These include some of the very best pictures/movies created with free (or low cost) 3D software. They show what people with talent, time, and a powerful computer can do. You won't be creating pictures as good as these straight away, but once you get to grips with the basics of 3D software you should be mightily surprised with just how good you can get! So hopefully a look through these galleries will open your eyes...

Then, when you return, have a look in my classroom to help you get started in this wonderful 3D hobby yourself. Happy rendering!

3D Software Plus Talent Equals... (Offsite Showcase Gallery/Demo Reel Links)

Here are links to the showcase galleries on the software websites (or official demo reels on Youtube where no showcase gallery exists). The thumbnails use images from the respective galleries/videos, and are copyright of their creators (if any copyright owner objects please contact me and I'll remove the image)

Alternatively check out Deviant Art's digital art gallery (categorised by subject, not software used) or (which you can view by software used, but you need to be a member to view them).

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